Nanny Insurance Law

Many states mandate that household employers provide their employees with Workers Compensation Insurance. Legal requirements can differ greatly from one state to another, but generally vary depending on the hours worked and hourly wage. This coverage is often available through commercial insurers, and in some instances through state insurance pools. The major drawback to this option is that state pools are typically very expensive for employers due to the elevated risk of the state pool.

Effectve January 1, 2006 the domestic service and extent of compulsory coverage laws for Maryland and D.C. are as follows:

MD- Any domestic worker whose earnings are $750 or more in any calendar quarter from a private household. Domestic servants and their employers jointly may elect for the employee to be covered, even if the individual does not meet the earnings requirement

D.C.- One or more domestic workers employed by the same Columbia employer for 240 or more hours during a calendar quarter.

In the event of a work related accident, workers compensation insurance protects the domestic employee as well as the employer from any associated expenses or liabilities. This liability may or may not be included in your homeowner's insurance policy. If included in your homeowner's insurance policy, it is often at additional cost.

As an independent insurance broker, Capitol Benefits is able to offer household employers an employee compensation package for free with one of our home insurance packages.For further information or inquiries, please contact us by phone or email.

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