Supplemental and Administrative Benefits

At Capitol Benefits, we realize that employee perception of your benefit package is far more valuable than the actual cost of those benefits. That's why we offer a menu of affordable supplemental insurance and administrative services that will provide tremendous value to both you and your employees.

Supplemental Insurance-These plans are the perfect way to round out a complete benefit package. These benefits can be paid by the employee or funded by the employer and include short-term disability, long-term disability, long-term care, catastrophic insurance, as well as dental, vision, and life insurance.

Pre-tax Savings Programs-The IRS provides for several tax saving programs. Medical and dependent care flexible spending accounts (IRS Sec. 125) as well as pre-tax transportation plans (IRS Sec. 132) are great ways to save money for both the company and your employees on expenses that they already incur. In many cases, the tax-savings to the employer are more than the administrative cost of offering these benefits.

COBRA Administration-A full-service administrative program designed to keep companies in compliance with the IRS when an employee is eligible to continue their benefits. This service is free of charge to businesses with 20 or more employees enrolled in their health plan. We will provide an administrative handbook explaining these laws to all clients.

My Financial Place-A complimentary online employee benefit portal that is designed to answer many of your employees' questions with the click of a button. This site has links to doctor directories, insurance forms, as well as insurance benefit summaries. We can also implement your internal forms onto the site such as vacation request forms, W-4s, etc.